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Independent Musician Profile: S. B. Ruppe >>>

Hi there!… My name is: Stephen B. Ruppe.  “Ruppe” is pronounced, “Roop.” … At least, that’s how it’s always been pronounced in my family…  I’ve heard other pronunciations such as, “Rup,” “Roopie,” or even, “Roopé” (imagine it being said with a French or Italian accent)… but again, mine is simply pronounced, “Roop.”  By the way, “Stephen” is pronounced, “Stefan.”

If you still need clarification on the pronunciation of my last name, give this a listen: (Then again, listening might confuse you more…)…

I like to write and record music every once-in-a-while as well as snap a few photos…  & primarily serves as a storage medium for all that “stuff.”  Sure, there’s free social media websites for this kind of material, and I belong to a few of them; however, I like to have an alternative option that I can somewhat control… That being said…


As for the music side of me…

I guess the guitar is my main instrument.  So naturally, I tend to write guitar oriented music – acoustic, folk, rock, alt rock, hard rock, country, etc.; however, I’m starting to branch off into other forms of music.  I’ve developed a particular interest in electronic music of all sorts and look forward to experimenting a bit more in the near future…

The two main goals at present are:

  • Re-record a great majority of my older material in-an-attempt-to hewn my recording skills in preparation for goal #2…
  • Start creating / pitching material for TV / Film / Movies, etc. …

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